10 New Sustainable Fashion Products

With the number of sustainable fashion companies on the rise, there is an abundance of products for the eco-friendly shopper to buy.

Eco-fashion is a buzzword among environmentally conscious shoppers.

Sustainability includes these main slow fashion principles:

  • A minimal impact on the environment during the production and process by producing the smallest carbon footprint possible.
  • Using natural, raw, or organic materials wherever possible and making quality products that last for a long time.
  • Ethical investment in the upliftment of the workforce’s community.

Here are some new fashion products from stores and brands that incorporate sustainability into their business practices:

1. Tretorn

Tretorn is a Swedish company that is well-known for its parka jackets. With the Scandinavian climate in mind, Tretorn has marketed a wide range of jackets that are perfect for keeping the wearer warm and dry.

One of the company’s new arrivals that are predicted to be a hit is the Bio Plant Jacket. The parka is made from natural materials that are 100% biodegradable.

The plant fiber of the jacket comes from corn, cassava, and sugar beets. This includes the zipper. Amni Soul Eco®, which is the first polyamide fiber in the world that is degradable, is used to make the zippers.

The company commits to making 50% of its rainwear into Eco Essentials by 2020. Customers can shop online. Tretorn offers shipping and deliveries in Sweden and the EU.

2. Boyish Jeans

Sustainable denim is a growing market in the sustainable fashion industry, and Boyish Jeans is making a significant impact. The company sells a women’s denim line aimed at offering the customer both quality and affordability.

As part of its new range, Boyish Jeans has launched The Mikey | The Blue Angel. The product is made from recycled cotton. Boyish Jeans are made using a third of the water that is required to produce regular jeans.

The water is recycled after use to eliminate pollution. Boyish Jeans is also a part of One Tree Planted. For every purchase made, a tree is planted to give back to the planet.

Boyish has an online shop and has a swap rewards program. Customers can reuse the packaging to send an old pair of jeans back to the company.

3. Alice Early

Alice Early’s Raminta Short Dress is versatile and stylish. The buyer can wear it as a dress or a coat. The three-quarter sleeve makes it ideal for the seasonal transition.

The dress comes in navy, red, and check. Alice Early is committed to using cotton which is Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

It is organically grown with no exposure to manmade fertilizers and pesticides. Work standards laid out by the International Labor Organization are adhered to throughout the supply chain. Even the buttons are made from Corozo.

Corozo comes from the Tagua Palm nut from the rainforests of Ecuador. Alice Early has an online store and ships mainly within the UK. Deliveries to other countries will cost the buyer more.

All products are shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard.

4. Reformation

Reformation is one of the world’s better-known sustainable fashion brands. This year’s collection includes the Starling Dress, a mini-length dress with adjustable straps.

In line with Reformation’s commitment to sustainability, the dress is made from 100% linen. Linen uses virtually no water and emits a quarter of the carbon cotton does during the production process.

The dress is made in Los Angeles in safe, healthy, and fair working conditions. A check on the company’s website and online store allows the buyer to check the sustainability stats for each product.

For each product, there is a report on the impact of its production on the environment. The company is committed to investing in the community and is proud of its social responsibility and accountability actions.

It also invests in programs such as the Brazilian Rosewood Conservation Project which protects the Amazon rainforest.

5. Bottletop

Based on London’s prestigious Regent Street, Bottletop produces some of the sustainable fashion industry’s most stylish accessories.

The Emma clutch bag is one of its most recent launches. It has a signature braiding technique, Mistura, which features in this clutch.

This braiding happens in Brazil. A blend of metal tabs and leather creates this unique look. Workers at Bottletops’s atelier in Salvador, Brazil hand paint the tabs and lacquer both sides of the bag. It’s a slow process, but it softens the feel of the metal.

The Bottletop Foundation uses funds from the company’s sales and invests them in young people in collaboration with selected partners.

The youths receive vocational training which helps them get gainful employment.

6. Ninety Percent

As a sustainable fashion brand, Ninety Percent offers its customers a unique experience. The company’s latest range includes the Tencel Cross-back Slip Dress.

Tencel consists of renewable wood pulp. The brand uses other organic materials including cotton used in Ninety Percent’s jerseys.

Ninety Percent is London-based, but its production centers are in Bangladesh and Turkey. Part of the company’s core business values is a commitment to fair and healthy working conditions.

Upon delivery to the customer, Ninety Percent commits to donating 90% of the profits it makes. Customers can vote online for an organization or cause the company to support it.

80% of the distributable profit goes to the supported organization, while 5% goes to the people involved in making the clothes. The final 5% goes to the people who run the brand.

7. Kitx

The brand Kitx belongs to Kit Willow. It aims to make women look and feel good without endangering the planet. The Green Future Dress in their latest collection is a standout.

It is a tailored green dress with a V-neck and ruffled shoulders. The fabric is 59% wool, 36% cotton, and 5% elastane.

The wool comes from Australian merino sheep who graze freely on massive sheep farms around the country. The wool fiber is completely renewable as it biodegrades.

As it does so, it releases nutrients into the soil, acting as a fertilizer. Kitx has an online shop and ships its products around the world from Australia.

Kitx designs products that last under ethical conditions using resources that minimize harm to the environment.

8. BITE (By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress)

The brand’s minimalist range is made from organic materials. It contains 20 items which it updates each season. The 50s Frill Cocoon Shirt is a popular piece that is versatile and elegant. It is made from 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

BITE’s sustainability commitment is social, ecological, and economic. Another of BITE’s key focus areas is slowing down the pace at which customers discard and replace clothing.

To that end, BITE produces high-quality goods in timeless styles that last year after year.

The Stockholm-based company ships its products free of charge around the world. Climate compensation principles applied in the shipping policy minimize the company’s carbon footprint.

9. Lindex

Not all the items in the Lindex online store are sustainable. A growing number of sustainable products reflect a desire from this Swedish company to move toward sustainability.

They are clearly labeled as sustainable in the company’s online store. One of their sustainable products is the Patterned Viscose Dress with Buttons. The mid-length dress is sleeveless with adjustable shoulder straps.

EcoVero™ makes the viscose used in the manufacture of the dress. This is an eco-friendly viscose which is more sustainable when compared with regular viscose.

Lindex made a sustainability promise, committing to focusing on the empowerment of women, respect for the planet, and the universal human rights of all individuals.

The company recognizes the need to preserve the planet for future generations and is determined to play its part.

10. Madebywave

This accessory brand focuses on sarongs, bags, and handbags. For the upcoming summer, the Barbados Beach Bag is trendy and unique. It is handmade from woven straw.

The sights of the Caribbean islands inspired the colorful beadwork. Madebywave uses straw from the gebang palm tree. This tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia.

The owners of Madebywave work closely with producers in Indonesia. Most are family-run workshops where the straw is woven by hand using centuries-old techniques. Beading is also done in small-scale workshops.

The company focuses on keeping traditional crafts alive and well instead of relying on mass-produced resources to make its products.

Part of its mandate is a commitment to making sure that employees work in safe conditions and receive fair payment.

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