7 Sustainable Food Newsletters that will Keep you Informed

It’s important for us all to know about the source of the foods we consume, from how it’s grown, raised and caught to how it’s prepared. As knowledgeable consumers, we can make the choices that support sustainable agriculture and humane practices.

Sustainable food newsletters delivered to our inboxes can supply us with all the latest news, events, innovations and more. Here are seven newsletters worth reading.

1. Fodder

The Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) provides information on sustainable food systems. Based at the University of Oxford, it conducts research and communicates it to decision-makers concerned with climate, food, and broader sustainability issues.

Fodder, its weekly newsletter on food sustainability, rounds up the latest journal papers, reports, books, jobs, events and more.

For example, in the 19 March newsletter, Action on Salt reported that many healthy-sounding plant-based meals served in restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets contain high levels of salt. Sign up here to receive Fodder.

2. Organic Insider

Max Goldberg, the founder of Organic Insider, realized in his years of interaction with organic CEOs and executives that many of them wanted to stay up to speed with developments in the organic food industry but didn’t have the time.

He decided to provide a weekly email, which could be read in five to 10 minutes, summarizing the most important organic stories and news items so they could have critical information to enable them to make better business decisions.

Subscribe here for your free Organic Insider newsletter and you will receive exclusive content, commentary and analysis about the organic food industry, curated links to top stories and events as well as a mix of industry news, marketing strategies, product trends and more.

 3. Sustainable Food Trust’s Weekly Digest

To enable a transition to more sustainable food systems, the Sustainable Food Trust works with individuals and organizations in leadership positions to share its vision. It uses sound evidence to advocate better policy and practice, engaging across many different platforms.

Some of the key themes and issues the trust focuses on are the true cost of food, sustainable livestock, sustainable food and healthy diets, harmony in food and farming etc.

It shares stories about farmers who are making sustainable farming a reality and doing something innovative, or even daring. Sign up to their weekly news digest for the latest articles, news and campaigns.

4. Food Weekly

Food Weekly is a new weekly newsletter published by GreenBiz. GreenBiz and founder Joel Makower need little introduction. Jim Giles, a journalist, analyst and media entrepreneur with a focus on carbon and food systems will edit the newsletter.

He will track the progress in creating a new kind of food system that helps roll back climate change, protects biodiversity, and can feed a growing global population. It will shine a light on unsustainable ways of working and celebrate successes. Sign up here to receive your free subscription.

5. Food Tank

Food Tank is building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. It wants to bridge domestic and global food issues by highlighting how climate change, obesity, hunger, unemployment, and other problems can be solved by more research and investment in sustainable agriculture.

It features innovative ideas that are already working in kitchens, fields and laboratories. One recent article is about livestock farmers who are shaping the future of protein. Sign up here and join more than 350,000 Food Tank newsletter subscribers.

6. Sustain

Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals and improve their working and living environment. It represents about 100 national public interest organizations working at international, national, regional and local level.

It has various email lists people can subscribe to for the latest news about campaigns and projects, such as their Children’s Food campaign, Food Co-ops, the Good to Grow Network (community gardens project), Planning Food Cities or Veg Cities.

7. Seeds of Sustainability

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (Southern SAWG) was founded in 1991 to foster a movement towards a more sustainable farming and food system.

It operates in 13 states in the Southern U.S. and focuses attention on food production, marketing, and distribution. Its mission is to create an agricultural system that is not only economically viable and ecologically sound but also humane and socially just.

Sign up here to receive Seeds of Sustainability, the monthly newsletter that contains perspectives from across the sustainable agricultural world.

 A final word

The conversations about food sustainability are taking on a new urgency in recent years due to many pressing environmental issues. It is clear that there’s a need to revamp or reinvent many aspects of food systems. The above newsletters will ensure that you stay abreast of developments and can make informed decisions in the move towards a more sustainable food future.

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