10 Online Sustainable Fashion Stores Worldwide

Sustainable fashion has become a buzzword in the last few years. People speak about buying brands that are from sustainable suppliers. But what does it really mean? In environmental terms, sustainability means taking no more from the earth than what will be given back. For example, planting a tree for every tree felled. This allows the environment to sustain itself.

In terms of fashion, sustainable design involves using fabrics that are produced with a minimum negative impact on the environment. Another hallmark of sustainable fashion is the return to traditional methods of fabric and clothing production and recycling fabric and other items used in the design.

The question of ethics also arises when it comes to sustainable fashion. Using fashion to comment on the state of the society we live in has become more prevalent. So has the focus on the labor forces making the garments. Several scandals involving child labor and sweatshops have cast major brands in a very poor light. Sustainable fashion is also about the impact production has on the workforce.

Here are 10 sustainable fashion stores that offer their goods for sale online:

1. Kindred Black – based in the United States

As a purveyor of luxury goods, one might assume this high-end retail studio has no focus on sustainability. This could not be further from the truth. The establishment places a great emphasis on eco-responsibility and ethical manufacturing processes. The company is an active member of For the Planet. 1% of each sale value is donated to various organizations running sustainability projects.

Kindred Black’s products meet specific sustainability criteria. They are pre-owned or vintage or manufactured locally by craftsmen and made from natural fabrics. This, together with their minimalist approach, makes their products unique and a favorite among eclectic shoppers. Shipping is done using packaging that minimizes waste.

Visit the online store at https://kindredblack.com to take a look at their extensive range. The visuals used on the site do the organization and its stunning items great justice.

2. elborne – based in the United States

The chic range elborne offers makes it a favorite among eco-shoppers. Various brands are on sale. The organization makes sure that any items it sells are produced according to acceptable ethical standards. At elborne, cruelty-free manufacturing processes are a priority. It is elborne policy to demonstrate transparency to its customers.

The production process from start to finish can be traced so that products can be bought with peace of mind regarding eco-responsibility. The various brands elborne sells meet the needs of their customers: from work attire to casual clothing. The company ships sales around the world but additional charges apply to those customers outside the United States.

Visit elborne at https://elborneliving.com to see their amazing range of products and take advantage of any promotions and sales.

3. Reformation – based in the United States

Reformation sells its own in-house brand. Reformation relies on fabric recycling. Designs are made from stock fabrics purchased from other fashion houses. Where any new fabric is used, Reformation relies on natural fabrics. The company has what it calls the Refscale. It tracks the environmental impact of the production of each item it sells.

Several other criteria including the lifespan of the material, how it was produced, recycling, and shipping practices are also factored in. From there, a calculation shows how these impacts are reduced in comparison with the environmental impact made by most producers.

Each item is rated on the Refscale and sustainability statistics appear on the website. Reformation compensates for its environmental impact by partnering with various conservation initiatives to return the resources it uses.

Visit https://www.thereformation.com to find out more about this organization’s sustainability initiatives.

4. Rêve en Vert – based in the United Kingdom

Rêve en Vert is a boutique for women looking for a cool urban look. Its active and yoga wear is very popular. Several brands are on sale at Rêve en Vert. The designers who contribute to Rêve en Vert range are among the world’s most eco-friendly and ethics-focused in the world.

The products it sells are largely produced from organic cotton and silk. Surprisingly, some products feature fur and leather. However, these are only present provided they are recycled or organic. Rêve en Vert undertakes rigorous consideration of the brands it sells to make sure they complement its sustainability goals. They have a large collection of beauty products and gifts in addition to clothes. The company charges carbon-neutral delivery fees.

Visit their website at https://reve-en-vert.com to browse the different collections.

5. YOOXYGEN – global chain

YOOXYGEN belongs to YOOX. This section of the business is focused on sustainability and responsibility in the design and manufacture of clothing. They sell accessories, shoes, lingerie, and jewelry as well as women’s clothes. Their products are made from organic materials and the focus is the goal of zero wastage.

Different brands are on sale from YOOYXGEN. Each is selected according to a strict set of criteria to ensure that they are eco-friendly and responsible. There is much emphasis placed on craftsmanship and ethical production.

One of YOOXYGEN’s most beloved products are the clothes made from pre-owned saris from India. When shipped, YOOXYGEN items are packaged in environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable.

Visit https://yoox.com to explore the unique designs it has to offer.

6. Maison de Mode – based in the United States

Maison de Mode is the perfect place to shop online for ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry, accessories, and home products. The bulk of its range consists of high-end luxury products.

Different brands that feature on the website including Sachin & Babi and Misha Nonoo among others. Amanda Hurst, the founder of Maison de Mode frequently puts together collections of her favorite items for online customers to browse through.

Each product on sale features an icon which tells the customer about its sustainability. This includes whether or not the materials used are recycled, organic or locally produced as well as whether the product was made by a craftsman. This allows the consumer to make an informed decision about the eco-friendliness of the product before buying it.

Visit their website at https://maison-de-mode.com to view the different products and collections.

7. Vegan Style – based in Australia

For the shoe-lover, Vegan Style is paradise. This sustainable, eco-friendly company sells men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes. The organization came to life from a passion for shoemaking without causing harm to animals in the process.

All shoes are made from vegan resources. A vegan shoe contains no products obtained from animals in the upper shoe and inner sole. The glue and other reinforcements used to put the shoe together are also free of animal products. A variety of interesting resources are used in the manufacture of the shoes Vegan Style sells, including Pinatex which is made from pineapple leaves!

Other resources include cork, cotton canvas, and recycled materials. The shoes sold include high heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes. The company also sells accessories such as briefcases, handbags, wallets, backpacks, and belts. Vegan Style has its own in-house brand called Zette Shoes but also sells other vegan brands.

Visit https://veganstyle.com.au for a ‘shoe stopping’ experience.

8. Fjordlife – based in Canada

Fjordlife believes in sustainability and environmental responsibilities. It has made itself a haven for those customers who want what they wear to be a reflection of their eco-friendly beliefs. Consumers who want to look good in their clothes but also feel good about their provenance will find a kindred spirit in Fjordlife.

In addition to clothing, Fjordlife sells beauty products. It insists that these products are natural, cruelty-free, and safe to use. Various clothing brands are on sale at Fjordlife. To qualify for a spot on Fjordlife, brands must prove that they invest in the people who make their products and the countries where production takes place. Brands should also demonstrate how they strive to reduce the impact their production processes make on the environment.

Visit https://fjordlife.ca to find out more about the brands it sells and how you can get your hands on them.

9. Idun Loor – Based in Geneva, Switzerland

Idun Loor acts as a curator of different brands that specialize in sustainable, ethical luxury goods. In addition to the Idun Loor brand, shoppers can also expect to find Bricktown and Ksenia Schnaider products as well. The Idun Loor store favors bright, vibrant colors that create a chic look.  

The company is focused on selling products that reflect its own social and environmental responsibility principles. Only designers who can show consideration for the environment and an ethical approach to production are supported by Idun Loor. Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes feature on the website, as do jewelry, accessories, and beauty products.

Interested shoppers can visit https://idunloor.com to view the wide-ranging collection and discover more about the company’s sustainability goals.

10. Ecoture – based in Australia

Ecoture is a purveyor of vegan fashion products. These include products made from organic cotton and Pinatex, a vegan alternative to leather made from pineapple leaves. Designers whose products are sold by Ecoture are required to prove that they share the organization’s anti-cruelty beliefs. Environmentally friendly production processes and resource acquisition are also essential.

The different products on sale allow for one-stop shopping to put together a wardrobe of ethically-produced fashion pieces. Eco-ethics are important to the company, as are creativity and positivity. Brands associated with Ecoture include Kowtow, Mud Jeans, and Swedish Stockings.

Join the vegan fashion world by visiting https://ecoture.com.au to see their wide range of unique designs.

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